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Sliding door system

Rolling barn door hardware

  • TD908001A
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Sliding door roller TD908001A

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 Sliding door roller TD908001A

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Sliding door roller TD908001A

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Sliding door roller

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Swing door system

Item No. TD908001A TD9080011A TD908004A TD908012A TD908013A TD908010A-2 TD908008B
Products Name Sliding door
Door stopper Clamp fixing for the tube Circle tube  Endpiece Floor guide Moving door handle
Pictures Sliding door system Sliding door system Sliding door system Sliding door system Sliding door system Sliding door system Sliding door system
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A detailed description of the product

Sliding door system 1. Sliding door roller bearing the glass maximum weight 100KG, it can be available for D19mm or D25mm circle tube, and available for 8-12mm glass thickness.    
Sliding door system 2. Door stopper, it can be available for D19mm or D25MM circle tube.
Sliding door system 3. Clamp fixing for the tube, it can be connect with tube and wall, and available for D19mm or D25mm circle tube. (If want connect with tube and glass, you can choose TD908005A).
Sliding door system 4. Circle tube, our regular size is D25*2.5*1000MM, we can produce it according to your request.
Sliding door system 5. Endpiece. The dimension we have is D19*1.5mm and D25*2.5mm thickness.
Sliding door system 6. Floor guide, it can be available for 8-12mm glass thickness.
Sliding door system 7. Moving door handle.The diameter of this handle is D58mm, and available for 8-12mm glass thickness.

The product description

1. Using for thickness: 8-12mm glass, suitable for D19/25mm tube. (Bearing the max weight 80kg, DIA70mm, DIA55mm, DIA44mm.)

2. Materia: AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel to select.

3. Surface treatment: Satin or mirror (polished finished).

4. Predominance in stainless steel electro polishing machining part.

5. More specification can be provided upon your detailed need.

6. OEM or ODM be offered.




304 or 316


 Φ 25 or   Φ  19 

Nickel contant

More than 8%

Weight Capacity

80 kg


Brushed nickel or polished chrome

Bearing type

Japan made NSK bearing


Foam insert package

Bearing quantity


Revolution times

More than 200000

Glass thickness

8-10 mm or 10-12 mm



Glass hole type

Flat hole or countersunk

Range of application



We can also provide measurement, planing, guide the installation and other related services to our customers.

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