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Shower room maintenance matters needing attention[ 04-10 15:27 ]
1. Glass clean In the process of bath, shower room glass will inevitably touch on bath products and water damage. This time, you will need to clear in time, small make up recommend washing with water, preferably with a soft cloth to wipe again. Soft cloth you...
Shower room buy matters needing attention[ 04-10 15:26 ]
1.Size of embedded hole should be in the bathroom shower room before decorate design first. 2. Has installed water supply system and ceramic tile is the best customized shower room. 3.The style of shower room depends on toilet layout, square, diamond, fan ...
More yards series door accessories, glass door for how thick?[ 04-10 15:25 ]
Hello, Our routine is to use an 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm tempered glass. If the glass to thicken, products can be customized according to your requirements, please contact with the salesman to elaborate.
Sliding door installed after about 8 mm aperture, influential to install air conditioning?[ 04-10 15:20 ]
Hello! This gap of air conditioning cold air leakage without much impact, our own factory sales department, sales department, purchasing department office is all glass partition, the cooling effect is very good.
What is the difference between a box with frameless glass sliding door?[ 04-10 15:19 ]
Hello! Framed glass door, generally have connected to the support frame around, around the size of the measure more accurate. Glass thickness is not so strict requirements, the thinnest can do 3 mm. Frameless glass door normally with 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm thick ...
The swing door can be used for wood door above? The thickness of wooden door in general?[ 04-10 15:17 ]
Hello! Can Huajian hardware have a series of products, can be used for wood door: TD908012C, TD908013C, TD908014C. The thickness of wooden door between general 20 mm - 45 mm.
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